Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, Wednesday Matthew flew to CO to audition at Denver University. I kept my fingers crossed the whole day :) I think he'll get accepted, he's a very smart man and is VERY VERY passionate about music. I hope and pray that he will also get Graduate Assistant- ship.
While he was gone...BOY did we have fun!!! Brooke had a fever of 103! Then later her eyes were REALLY watery and red and she has pink eye! YUCK! THEN today I wake up to Gabriel AND Tristan having the same symptoms. Thankfully they are all sleeping. Today we pick Matthew up at the airport and I hope it will be a peaceful 1 1/2 hour ride there. I have a DVD they can watch :) (Thanks mom for letting us have's a LIFE SAVER).
Today our Home Teacher came over with the missionaries and gave all three of them a blessing and I'm SO grateful for that!
And Thank You Ginny for keeping me sane while my husband was away. Talking to another adult...another mother really....made me feel refreshed? rejuvenated? ok...maybe not rejuvenated, but it sure made me feel sane :) Thanks girl!

So...all in all, I'm Grateful for sickness (to make us thankful for being healthy) friends (to keep us sane) and the Priesthood (basically, the whole church...I love it)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


One word describes this movie.....AMAZING!!!

The last time I've seen a movie this good was Twilight, and only because I LOVED the books so much!

There is nothing better then seeing a love of a father for his daughter! This is such a "Red" (for all you Color Code freaks like me out there) Movie and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

The End!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Yesterday was Gabriel's 4th Birthday! I can't believe he's 4 already. Today we celebrated with cake and ice cream.I decorated my very first cake EVER, and I'm pretty proud with how it turned's not perfect, but it's doable. He got many calls from family members and was so excited to hear each one of them, his eyes just lit up.
He got a Leapster 2 from mommy and daddy and a hand made pillow case from grandma...he loved both of them. Uncle Dan (Matt's brother) is sending a wicked awesome present....a remote control car!! How cool is that? He will have a blast with it :)