Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Size Me...

So just recently I saw "Super Size Me". For those of you who don't know what the movie is about, it's about a really healthy guy who wants to show the nation...or world how dang unhealthy fast food really is for you! He eats nothing but McDonald's for 30 days...3 times a day. Well, he goes from being 184 to 210 in one month!!!! ONE month!!! He starts getting heart palpitations and his liver starts to harden!! It's sickening to know that America is THE fattest and most unhealthy country! Crazy! Anyway...He said in Manhattan NY alone there are 84 McDonald restaurants!! 84!!!! After a while he started to get addicted to the stuff and felt depressed if he wasn't eating it, he was on a high when he was eating it.
Well, he has this girlfriend who is a Vegan chef who fed him this huge Vegan meal right before he did this whole experiment. She then went to say, eating meat is immoral. OK woman...and sleeping with your boyfriend (who you are not legally married to is moral?) God put animals on the earth for a reason. It's the whole putting good for evil and evil for good. Eating animal is bad (making good, evil) but sleeping with my boyfriend is OK (making evil, good). ANYWAY...she went on to say to her boyfriend who loves meat that he should just take some heroine, it's basically the same as eating meat! WHAT? He kind of put her in her place to where she knew she said something stupid. Vegans are crazy people, let me tell ya! I"m all for eating healthy, but don't put good for evil and evil for good.
He also called these Health Nutritionist's and asked them when eating at a fast food resturant is OK, and this one lady's resonse was priceless: She said, "If you are on a deserted island, and anthrax has taken over the world except for fast food...that's the only time you should eat it". It's given me a lot of perspective on fast food. I've eaten McDonald's probably 5-10 times since I have been married and it will be 5 years this May. We eat Sub Way if we need to eat on the road. AFter watching that though, I will NEVER eat McDonald's again! I will never eat fast food again!
If any of you haven't watched it, you need to. It will change your view on things.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well, Tristan is 6 months and I decided to get him a Johnny Jump Up because every time I would stand him up on my lap he would bounce like Tigger. At first he didn't like it and then he started banging his head on the door frame and so I decided to give him a break from it for a while. He woke up from a nap and I put him back in it and he went crazy in it...he loved it! He got the hang of the bouncing, and I'm very happy. Now I don't have to worry about him rolling everywhere when I'm doing the laundry or dishes. It's a great thing for little kids who can't walk yet....highly recommend it :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pictures are worth 1000 words...

So I've been slacking lately on photos, sorry. I got some pics of Tristan getting into our Nintendo controllers....silly boy! He's rolling all over the floor and he usually rolls right over to where the controllers are and goes for the kill.

I also got a picture of my beautiful Brooke

And Gabriel

My kids are just growing and growing and they need to stop!! I love being a mommy to these special spirits. I love seeing them progress and know I'll never have to miss a minute of it :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I should get better with photos...

Well, I haven't taken pictures in a WHILE! I know, so very sorry, but I will take some here very soon! My kids are just getting so big.
Gabriel is now in nursery!! WHAT???? I can't believe it myself! He's doing ok in there. It will be better in time.

Brooke is finally potty trained!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just wears diapers at night and even then she keeps them dry except for a few times. Whew...

Tristan is eating more and more cereal and fruits and veggies and less formula and breastmilk. I still breastfeed, but not nearly as much, I think he will be completely off sometime next month, or as long as it takes for my milk to dry out. He's on the move. I put him on his back and leave to do dishes or do laundry and he's halfway in the dining room. I can't wait til he's crawling.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year

So, as we enter 2009 I'm making a promise with myself. I've made this promise like...a gazillion times before, but this time I think I'll finally stick to it! I'm going to lose a ton of weight! I want to lose all my baby fat from Tristan. I've actually done a great job so far. I'm counting my calories and I'm sprinting 3 times a week (sprinting actually keeps your metabolism at a fat burning rate for days rather then running, which keeps your body at a fat burning rate for a few hours). I've lost 13 or so lbs so far and I want to be at my ideal weight before I get preggers again. I want to be healthy a fit when I'm pregnant, and not deal with stupid doctors telling me what I need to do and how I need to do it.

I'm excited for 2009 for not only losing weight, but Matthew graduates college with a BA Degree and then we move to some state (or stay here in OK) to go to Graduate school! AND he will have a flipping career!! No more struggling with money. I will then in turn finish my schooling for Massage Therapy!!!! Which I'm wicked excited for!!!
So...2009 has a lot in store for us and I'm ready for it!