Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

We had Thanksgiving at a friends house. We felt very grateful for their hospitality. It was a great time and man, was it a feast!!!

While we were there, Gabriel kept looking at this snake they had. It was about 4-5 feet long. We honestly thought Gabriel would scream like a little girl if they brought it out. They brought the snake out and Gabriel really loved that snake! He didn't want to let it go! Brooke on the other hand....was scared to death of it! But they brought out a baby snake, just her size, for her to hold and she loved it. She didn't want to let it go either!
Just for the record....there will NEVER be a snake in this home. NEVER!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love, The Ultimate Act of Service.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
"Love is like lifts you up where you belong." Moulin Rouge.

Today in R.S we talked bout Showing Love, and our best teacher of love, Christ, and becoming more like him.

The RS President told of a story she saw on News. This Muslim who owned a store had a rude awakening, when this guy came in with a bat and demanded all the money in the cash drawer. The Muslim acted like he was going to give this man the money but instead grabbed a hand gun and pointed it at the robber. The robber went straight to his knees and begged this Muslim to spare his life and proceeded to tell him that his family is starving and this was his only option. The Muslim felt bad, started to pray with him, and then gave the robber $40 and a loaf of bread. He was going to give the robber some milk, but he bolted before the Muslim could give it to him.

Some months later the store owner received a letter in the mail with no return address on it. The letter was from this robber who told this Muslim how he changed his life. He and his family were starving and he needed to do something to take care of them. When he went into the store, he honestly thought he was going to die as the store owner held that gun to him, but when he gave this robber money and food instead, he didn't know what to think. The robber converted to the Muslim belief and in the letter gave this owner $50 for the $40 that he received during the robbery.

This story hit a lot of people's hearts and they started giving the store owner money in letters. What do you think he did with this money he received? He decided to let the homeless come into his store for a free coffee and bagel every morning. What a true act of love and act of service.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why YES, I AM posting about New Moon!!

New Moon was done so much better then Twilight was!!

I love the constant love Jacob shows to Bella. It actually makes me want to pull for Jacob, I'm a bit fickle and love both Edward & Jacob. When it comes down to it though, I'm all for Edward. The love Bella has for Edward is just amazing.

Exclusive 'New Moon' Trailer Premiere:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today we had our Primary Presentation. They talked about a lot of things but one that stood out was Eternal Families.I'm thankful to have a knowledge of Eternity. Knowing that no matter what happens here on Earth, I WILL be with my family again.

I ♥ my Heavenly Father! I ♥ my church!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 09

This year for Halloween we had a Spider Man

We had a Tinkerbell

And a Cow.

It's so fun to see my children progress each year. Last year Tristan was only 3 months old. Gabriel was an elephant last year and this year was very adamant about being Spider Man. Brooke was a princess last year and was very adamant about being Tinkerbell this year, although I have to admit, we got her the outfit for her Birthday because she just loves dressing up.....she's a girly girl to the max.

We are very much looking forward to next year's Halloween. We are going all out. We will be dressing up as Nintendo Characters. I will be Daisy, Matt will be Luigi, Gabriel will be Mario, Brooke will be Peach and Tristan will be Toad. IF we have another kid by then, they will either be Toadette or baby Luigi.'s to next year :o)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Casting Call for.....Brooke....maybe...

Well, I entered Brooke into a GAP Contest. If she wins, she will be a GAP kid. If she's a runner up, she will get these prizes: All 20 finalists will receive:

* Professional Gap photo shoot
* $500 Gap GiftCard redeemable for a babyGap or GapKids wardrobe

Deluxe Disney gift bags:

* Jonas Brothers' Lines, Vines and Trying Times CD>
* Demi Lovato's Here We Go Again CD>
* A special selection of books from Disney Press>
* A 20" Winnie the Pooh Plush from>
* Disney Movie Club DVD Prize package including Bolt,
WALL-E and Mary Poppins 45th Anniversary Special Edition>

So what are you waiting for? Go and vote for her :o)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is this in our Future?!

By Hilary White

GORLESTON, UK, September 9, 2009 ( - A young British mother has criticized medical guidelines that, she said, resulted in doctors refusing treatment and leaving her newborn premature son to die. 23 year-old Sarah Capewell told media that her son Jayden, born at 21 weeks and five days gestation, was refused intensive care because he was two days under the limit set by Nuffield Council on Bioethics, a UK bioethics think tank that creates guidelines for medical practice.

Capewell said that her son Jayden cried and lived for two hours before dying in her arms. During that time, his mother took photos of him and pleaded with doctors that he be admitted to the special baby unit at James Paget University Hospital (JPH). Staff at the hospital, in Gorleston, Norfolk, told her that had Jayden been born two days later they would have helped him.

Since her son's death, Capewell has launched an internet campaign to change the guidelines and says that she has received messages of support from around the world.

Guidelines set down by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics in 2006 say that intensive care should never be given to babies below 22 weeks gestation, and rarely to those below 23 weeks. In secular bioethics, this is called Futile Care Theory, which holds that in cases where there is no hope for improvement of an incapacitating condition, such as extreme prematurity, no treatment should be offered.

A spokesman for the Nuffield Council told that "resources are not covered in the guidelines". The guidelines, said Catherine Joynson, communications manager of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, "state that doctors caring for premature babies should not be driven by the resource implications of their decisions. those decisions should be determined by clinical judgements of priority." Nevertheless, while preterm babies often suffer long-term health effects, some born before 22 weeks survived in the US and Canada with intensive perinatal care. In 1987, James Elgin Gill was born at 21 weeks and 5 days gestation and survived. In 2007, Amillia Sonja Taylor, born in October in Miami, Florida, at less than 21 weeks and six days gestation and under 10 ounces, survived to go home with her parents in March that year.

In the case of Sarah Capewell' son, the Nuffeld Council guidance that staff reportedly cited was backed up by advice published by the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) last year. The BAPM paper itself, however, does not mandate the refusal of treatment, saying only, "This is not a set of instructions, but a framework to highlight the range of evidence and opinion that needs to be considered by staff and parents."

"The care of the mother, her fetus and the baby, will always need to be individualized and should be led by senior staff in all disciplines. The parents' hopes and expectations need to be explored with honesty and compassion in a realistic way, drawing upon the available evidence."

The BAPM paper says that in cases where children are born before 23 weeks gestation, "it would be considered in the best interests of the baby, and standard practice, for resuscitation not to be carried out." It continues, however, "If the parents wish they should have the opportunity to discuss outcomes with a second senior member of the perinatal team."

But Capewell reports that her wishes were ignored by hospital staff. "When I asked about my baby's human rights," she said, "the attitude of the doctors seemed to be that he did not have any. They said before 22 weeks he was just a fetus."

Under British criminal law, an unborn child can be killed by abortion up to 24 weeks gestation without any cause being stated and up to the time of full gestation if he is suspected of suffering from some disability.

The British national health care rationing body, the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.), has plainly stated that such guidelines are based on financial motives, in consideration of how expensive a treatment will be compared to the "quality of life years" it can provide. This is an expression of a new utilitarian trend in the philosophy of medical care that has replaced classical medical ethics in recent decades.

In traditional medical ethics, the governing principle, according to the ancient Hippocratic Oath, is to "do no harm" to the patient. In modern utilitarian bioethics, the guiding principle is to produce "the greatest good for the greatest number," whether that good benefits the patient or not.

Under this principle, which has swept the medical world in most western countries that have adopted government socialized medical care, it is increasingly common for medical guidelines to allow doctors to decide, against a patient's wishes or those of his family, that further medical treatment is "futile" and can be discontinued. In countries such as Britain and Canada, where the provision of food and water are considered "medical treatment," this can mean that a patient can be legally dehydrated to death, often while being placed in permanent sedation.

*This article edited on Sept. 10, 2009 at 4:22pm EST.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time Out For Women 2009

October 9-10 we had Time Out For Women. I didn't get the opportunity to go the 9th (Friday) but I was lucky enough to go Saturday thanks to my friend Liz :o) It was such a great experience and it was amazing to be with sisters in my ward that I got to know a lot better because of this event♥

We got to hear a lot of great speakers and in between the speakers we heard Kenneth Cope sing with his amazing talented voice. He's not that hard on the eyes either ;o) My friend Kira had a camera, so we went up to take pictures with him and get his signature. We were like teenagers meeting this famous person. He was so down to earth and extremely nice to his fans. We were lucky enough to be first in line :o)
YAY for Kenneth Cope and for the opportunity to meet him and go to Time Out for Women :o) :o)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Update on Life!

Since it's been FOREVER since my last post, I'd thought I would update all of you on what's going on in life.

We arrived here in Arizona August 20th, and despite people warning us of the horrible heat, it's actually not that bad!! Humid heat is worse then this heat! Sure, you get burned within a min. of standing out in the sun, but when your in the shade you don't feel how hot it is outside! We moved into our home with the help of some friends (actually my ex-boyfriend and his wife and some of their friends) Only 4 people helped out, and if it wasn't for them we would have been in a WORLD of hurt! And yes, it was awkward having an ex of mine come help out, although we are still good friends, it kind of made Matt feel weird. We were still thankful none the less!
It has been a struggle being here. Matt was supposed to start a job and then they called up and told him that there wasn't enough people to put more staff on (Mental Health Hospital). So, here we were, with only a little bit of money and bills already needing to be paid. Thankfully Matt started a job this past week at a Mental Health Hospital working with adults....working night shifts! I hate night shifts, but it will do for now :o)
Being here has definitely been a testimony builder! It's also taught me humility...and I lot of it! We went to the Temple a few weeks ago, both Matt and I got an impression that everything was going to be OK. We have been feeling this for some time now, and I have even gotten blessings telling me that I will have everything I need (i.e. new car, new home, clothes, food...etc.) So all I have to do is have faith.

Updates on kids:
Gabriel~ He's talking more and more. He's also becoming more and more bossy. He's my little organizer and he's OCD already! Example: We have vertical blinds over our sliding glass door and when they get stuck and are not lined up perfectly he asks if he can fix the blinds....but of course, being the mother that I am I tell him no! I let him sit there for a while and then tell him to fix it :o) lol He's such a big helper! He's going to be a great big brother!! He will teach the other kids the right morals!

Brooke~ She's a total mommy's girl. She wants to do EVERYTHING with me. Lately she has been showering with me because she just loves copying everything I do. Example: When I'm done showering I run the bath so I can shave my legs (too much info? sorry, deal with it) So, when I shave she does the same thing, but she uses her hand as the razor...too cute! Ever since she was, I would say 2, she always wanted to put makeup on, so I bought her her own lip gloss, she opens and shuts that thing all the time. It even has a little mirror on it, and she puts the gloss on and looks in that little mirror and purses her lips together. Such a mommy's girl!

Tristan~ He's a mommy's boy!! He is the most loving and sweetest child we have had (Don't get me wrong, my other 2 were extremely sweet also, but he is different) He always hugs and kisses us. He also puts stuff that needs to go in the trash in the trash! He helps to clean up toys as well. I've always had a very strong connection to him ever since I knew I was pregnant with him (that's why I thought I was having a girl for the longest time) He's spoiled by me, there's no denying that and Matt gets a little irritated at times, but he can deal with it :o) He's a fast learner, but maybe that's because he's the 3rd child and sees Gabriel and Brooke do things that he wants to do. He was walking at 10 months and he's talking more and more :o)

Updates on Us:

Matt~ He's working full time and going to school full time, what a guy! He's also running his business full time! He teaches piano and voice. Good things will happen because of this business, I just know it!

Me~ I'm staying at home with the kids full time! I have been wanting to go back to school come this Spring. I will be going into Photography :o) I'm so very very excited!!!! I've also been into saving money. I've found some sites that keep you updated on what store is having sales. It's nice!

That's about it for now! I can't wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for the Armstrong's!! Optimism is my main goal :o)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tristan turns 1 year old!

We celebrated Tristan's 1st Birthday early due to the fact that I will be with my parents on his real Birthday (I'm bringing all the kids with me as well).

He had such a great time eating his cake! He also loved his pizza we had for dinner!
I can't believe he's already 1! It doesn't seem possible! He's such a pro at walking. He's not a pro at talking yet. He only babbles, he lets his brother and sister do all the talking for him. It's frustrating, but he's only 1!

We are preparing to go to AZ. I am wicked excited! I can't wait to get out there and start our new live. Matt is such a smarty and I know he will do wonderfully in his Masters program :o)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

I just loved these photos! I hope you enjoy as well :o)


Friday, June 26, 2009

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

So, last night we went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform live at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. It was amazing! We sat up front, we were in the 5th row, so we saw the big picture, although we didn't see EVERYTHING. We saw Lloyd Newell up close and Mac Wilberg up close! I absolutely love seeing people play their instruments and I got to see that up close as well. It was an awesome experience!
Of course there were protesters, but only 10 out of dozens and dozens I've seen when I went to the Palmyra Pageant several times as a youth and YSA. They always make me laugh. They come up with the dumbest signs...Oh well.

It was such a spiritual experience as well! I want to go again, but next time in Salt Lake City. :o)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tristan Walking

Tristan started to walk! We are so proud of him! This video is the early stages of walking, since then he takes steps with both feet and not just his left. He's a walking machine now :o)

Sorry it's sideways!

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Years of Pure Happiness

May 22, 2004 Matthew and I got married and I couldn't have made a better choice in my life.

For those of you who don't know my story, I guess I will tell you here how we met...

Matt and I met on line and both of us had a few experiences of meeting people on line that turned out to be complete duds! Matt vowed to never go on line again to date, and I was still curious.
Well, one day Matt had a very strong impression that he needed to go on LDS Mingle again. He was very confused, but he did as he was prompted. It was a day later that I saw his profile and gave him a "wink" ;o) That day we chatted on line and we agreed to call each other and talk to see how it turned out. Well, he called me and the moment he called I got this feeling that it was all going to work out.
We talked for a long time, but I soon had to go to work. I couldn't stop thinking about him all day at work. I called him the next day and that's where we knew that we were going to get married and there was nothing no body could do to stop us.
A few days into talking I was praying to the Lord asking if I needed to go on a mission or stay home and marry this man, and as soon as I said that, Matt called. talk about freaky!
Well, a month after talking on the phone we agreed that we needed to meet, so he flew out to Massachusetts. Days later, he proposed to me at the Boston Temple and a week or two later we drove out to Missouri so I could meet his family.
We were planning our wedding out so that we would get married in the Boston Temple, but we were...let's say, making out more then we should have and things got to the point where if we didn't get married we would have messed up (we didn't, although some family might have thought we did...we NEVER messed up). So we decided that getting married right then and there was the best choice for us. We prayed and fasted and we both got the impression that it was the best choice for us at that time. Well, we made the choice May 19th and got married May 22nd.

Lately I have been really kicking myself in the butt for not waiting and getting married in the Temple right away. We were faithful members of the church who didn't get married in the Temple and I felt guilty and still feel guilty for not doing so. Matt keeps telling me that it's in the past and that we are sealed and that's all that matters, but it's so more then that. Men don't understand the whole wedding process....the dress, the ring, the hair, the flowers, the bride's maids....etc. I think I'm bitter about that whole process then anything else. It's just an irrational thought process that I need to get over.

Over all, I'm so thankful to have such an amazing husband and father to my children! I couldn't have asked for a better man. He completely completes me :o) He's my best friend, my lover, and most importantly, my Eternal Companion :o)

Note: How did I manage to get a wedding dress in such a short amount of time? I called up a bunch of people who sold wedding dresses and I called this one lady who sold them from her home and told her of my situation and she was very willing to let me try them on. I tried on so many dresses and none of them fit me perfectly...they were all too small or too big :o( The one I wore to my wedding was a bit big but it worked....I wish it was prettier....but beggars can't be choosers! :o)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Graduate of '09

Ok, so this is a bad picture of Matt, but it's the only one I got after he told me before the ceremony that we would have to take picutes after the ceremony. Well, the time came and he only wanted one picture taken!!

Anyway, Graduation turned out wonderfully. Al Roker came to give the Address to all the Graduates, and after they had amazing fireworks :o) It was windy beyond belief, but that's Oklahoma for you.

Congrats Matthew!! I love you and am so proud of what you have accomplished, and soon to accomplish more!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, it's official! Matt got accepted into Arizona State University!

We were planning on going to Arizona no matter what, but this news topped the cake :o) We are so excited to get out there and see some old friends and meet some new friends!! Woo Hoo for ASU!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fair

So today we got all ready for church and we were out the door heading to church when Matthew, my wonderful husband forgot that today he had to go to this thing where his piano students were showing off their talents. Well, we got there and found out it was a FAIR! So here we are arriving to this fair with Sunday dress, and there is a place to pet farm animals and a moon bounce and tons of more fun stuff!! All the food was free which was great cause we were starving! We even got a picture done old style of our whole family!! We have never had pictures taken of our family before. Granted it took an hour to wait in line, we still did it!
My face looks like it's different colors because Brooke at the very last min. of waiting in line decided she had to pee...and I mean PEE! The porta-potty's were ALLLL the way across the field to where we were, so my face was RED!! And photo's put 100 lbs. on you or what? I look at myself in the mirror and put my makeup on and see this pretty woman and then I get my picture taken and I see a COW!!!!!!! I really need to put this working out routine into full gear!
We had fun today, that's for sure.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some new Pictures.

I just can't believe how big my kids have gotten. Tristan will be a year come July 13th (2 days before my birthday).
We are moving to Arizona, it's official :o) Matt will be going to ASU to pursue his Masters in Music. We will be living in either Mesa, South Tempe or Gilbert. I can't wait to take on this big adventure. It will be the best adventure thus far. Why? Because Matthew will be pursuing his Masters!! He's come a long way and I'm so happy for him. It's a big deal to get his Bachelors let alone his Masters, then from his Masters he will be getting his Doctorate :o) So we will be in Arizona for about 7 years. So, to all my family who are tired of me moving....this will be it for a long time to come.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Updates are in order...

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post :o( I sold my camera on e-bay :o( But it was a camera I didn't want anymore, so it's all good. I will though get another camera. Any suggestions? All are welcome! (except Nikon's...I can't afford those) haha.

So I little update on how we are all doing :o)

Matt: He is a month away from Graduating College!!!! I'm SO happy for him. He told me that he may just cry when he graduates. It's been such a long long long road! It will be a relief once he graduates! Then we will see from there if he will teach High School. He then wants to go to get his Masters in Arizona! So we might move to AZ. At first I thought..NO!!!!!!! Then after a while, it became a great idea! He holds the Priesthood in this home and he said he felt the spirit when he prays about the I trust him AND the Lord.

Me: I'm on this baking cake kick. I am decorating a cake today for Jesus' Birthday. I've already made the cake and now I just have to decorate it. I think it will turn out great. I majored in Art for 2 years and it's so much fun to go back to my artsy side. I hope this is a hit! Matt's business bought all the supplies and I hope I make him proud! (Wish me luck)

Gabriel: He's progressing SO much! He's just recently learned how to tell time!!! Granted, it's not a clock with hands. It's a digital clock. Yesterday he came up to me and said "Mommy, it's 8:13" and sure enough it was 8:13. He told us the time for about 2 hours...then we had enough and told him that Conference was on and we needed to listen to the Prophets words...he stopped :o) He's talking SO much lately! We can't shut him up. I once thought he would never talk! Then I talked to my brother about it and he said his youngest had the same problem, then one day he just talked and talked and then he just wouldn't stop! I'm happy that Gabriel doesn't stop talking. He's so social and tells everyone he meets what his life is like, although I don't think strangers enjoy that very much! haha

Brooke: She just amazes us with how much she talks already and she's only 2 1/2. I'd say she's up there with Gabriel in talking. She's such a big helper! When Matt comes home from school and takes his shoes off she takes his shoes and puts them straight in the hall closet! She gives me diapers when she knows I'm about to change Tristan's bum. She's my little singer!!! She sings anything. Yesterday she was sitting on the potty and she was done and sang "I need to get my butt wiped...I went poo poo and pee pee..." She just cracks us up! She's a crazy girl and I wouldn't have it any other way :o)

Tristan: He's crawling like a mad man! I thought he would NEVER crawl! We were teaching and showing him how to crawl and all he did was just scoot on his back if he wanted to get somewhere. Then one day, he started crawling!! I was in awe! My other 2 kids didn't get it that fast. He's now to the point where he wants to stand on his own, he grunts and throws a fit when he can't stand! He's one determined little boy! It's so funny because I remember when I was in my last trimester with him and whenever Matthew would put his hand on my belly Tristan would kick it off!! I don't know how the connects one with another, but it's just funny that he's one feisty and determined little man! He has one tooth and another one coming in next to it on the bottom :o) He's growing up too fast, it feels like yesterday I gave birth to him :o( They all grow so fast!

Well, that's an update on life. I'll definitely update this when we know 100% if we will move to AZ. I'm excited to know because I'm tired of this Oklahoma weather, it's so up and down! AZ is HOT...but it's consistently hot!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Recent Pics.

Here are some pictures of the kids recently. I got them new church outfits and just now got around to taking pictures of them in their outfits! They are so stinking CUTE! I hope you all enjoy :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, Wednesday Matthew flew to CO to audition at Denver University. I kept my fingers crossed the whole day :) I think he'll get accepted, he's a very smart man and is VERY VERY passionate about music. I hope and pray that he will also get Graduate Assistant- ship.
While he was gone...BOY did we have fun!!! Brooke had a fever of 103! Then later her eyes were REALLY watery and red and she has pink eye! YUCK! THEN today I wake up to Gabriel AND Tristan having the same symptoms. Thankfully they are all sleeping. Today we pick Matthew up at the airport and I hope it will be a peaceful 1 1/2 hour ride there. I have a DVD they can watch :) (Thanks mom for letting us have's a LIFE SAVER).
Today our Home Teacher came over with the missionaries and gave all three of them a blessing and I'm SO grateful for that!
And Thank You Ginny for keeping me sane while my husband was away. Talking to another adult...another mother really....made me feel refreshed? rejuvenated? ok...maybe not rejuvenated, but it sure made me feel sane :) Thanks girl!

So...all in all, I'm Grateful for sickness (to make us thankful for being healthy) friends (to keep us sane) and the Priesthood (basically, the whole church...I love it)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


One word describes this movie.....AMAZING!!!

The last time I've seen a movie this good was Twilight, and only because I LOVED the books so much!

There is nothing better then seeing a love of a father for his daughter! This is such a "Red" (for all you Color Code freaks like me out there) Movie and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

The End!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Yesterday was Gabriel's 4th Birthday! I can't believe he's 4 already. Today we celebrated with cake and ice cream.I decorated my very first cake EVER, and I'm pretty proud with how it turned's not perfect, but it's doable. He got many calls from family members and was so excited to hear each one of them, his eyes just lit up.
He got a Leapster 2 from mommy and daddy and a hand made pillow case from grandma...he loved both of them. Uncle Dan (Matt's brother) is sending a wicked awesome present....a remote control car!! How cool is that? He will have a blast with it :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Size Me...

So just recently I saw "Super Size Me". For those of you who don't know what the movie is about, it's about a really healthy guy who wants to show the nation...or world how dang unhealthy fast food really is for you! He eats nothing but McDonald's for 30 days...3 times a day. Well, he goes from being 184 to 210 in one month!!!! ONE month!!! He starts getting heart palpitations and his liver starts to harden!! It's sickening to know that America is THE fattest and most unhealthy country! Crazy! Anyway...He said in Manhattan NY alone there are 84 McDonald restaurants!! 84!!!! After a while he started to get addicted to the stuff and felt depressed if he wasn't eating it, he was on a high when he was eating it.
Well, he has this girlfriend who is a Vegan chef who fed him this huge Vegan meal right before he did this whole experiment. She then went to say, eating meat is immoral. OK woman...and sleeping with your boyfriend (who you are not legally married to is moral?) God put animals on the earth for a reason. It's the whole putting good for evil and evil for good. Eating animal is bad (making good, evil) but sleeping with my boyfriend is OK (making evil, good). ANYWAY...she went on to say to her boyfriend who loves meat that he should just take some heroine, it's basically the same as eating meat! WHAT? He kind of put her in her place to where she knew she said something stupid. Vegans are crazy people, let me tell ya! I"m all for eating healthy, but don't put good for evil and evil for good.
He also called these Health Nutritionist's and asked them when eating at a fast food resturant is OK, and this one lady's resonse was priceless: She said, "If you are on a deserted island, and anthrax has taken over the world except for fast food...that's the only time you should eat it". It's given me a lot of perspective on fast food. I've eaten McDonald's probably 5-10 times since I have been married and it will be 5 years this May. We eat Sub Way if we need to eat on the road. AFter watching that though, I will NEVER eat McDonald's again! I will never eat fast food again!
If any of you haven't watched it, you need to. It will change your view on things.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well, Tristan is 6 months and I decided to get him a Johnny Jump Up because every time I would stand him up on my lap he would bounce like Tigger. At first he didn't like it and then he started banging his head on the door frame and so I decided to give him a break from it for a while. He woke up from a nap and I put him back in it and he went crazy in it...he loved it! He got the hang of the bouncing, and I'm very happy. Now I don't have to worry about him rolling everywhere when I'm doing the laundry or dishes. It's a great thing for little kids who can't walk yet....highly recommend it :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pictures are worth 1000 words...

So I've been slacking lately on photos, sorry. I got some pics of Tristan getting into our Nintendo controllers....silly boy! He's rolling all over the floor and he usually rolls right over to where the controllers are and goes for the kill.

I also got a picture of my beautiful Brooke

And Gabriel

My kids are just growing and growing and they need to stop!! I love being a mommy to these special spirits. I love seeing them progress and know I'll never have to miss a minute of it :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I should get better with photos...

Well, I haven't taken pictures in a WHILE! I know, so very sorry, but I will take some here very soon! My kids are just getting so big.
Gabriel is now in nursery!! WHAT???? I can't believe it myself! He's doing ok in there. It will be better in time.

Brooke is finally potty trained!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just wears diapers at night and even then she keeps them dry except for a few times. Whew...

Tristan is eating more and more cereal and fruits and veggies and less formula and breastmilk. I still breastfeed, but not nearly as much, I think he will be completely off sometime next month, or as long as it takes for my milk to dry out. He's on the move. I put him on his back and leave to do dishes or do laundry and he's halfway in the dining room. I can't wait til he's crawling.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year

So, as we enter 2009 I'm making a promise with myself. I've made this promise like...a gazillion times before, but this time I think I'll finally stick to it! I'm going to lose a ton of weight! I want to lose all my baby fat from Tristan. I've actually done a great job so far. I'm counting my calories and I'm sprinting 3 times a week (sprinting actually keeps your metabolism at a fat burning rate for days rather then running, which keeps your body at a fat burning rate for a few hours). I've lost 13 or so lbs so far and I want to be at my ideal weight before I get preggers again. I want to be healthy a fit when I'm pregnant, and not deal with stupid doctors telling me what I need to do and how I need to do it.

I'm excited for 2009 for not only losing weight, but Matthew graduates college with a BA Degree and then we move to some state (or stay here in OK) to go to Graduate school! AND he will have a flipping career!! No more struggling with money. I will then in turn finish my schooling for Massage Therapy!!!! Which I'm wicked excited for!!!
So...2009 has a lot in store for us and I'm ready for it!