Tuesday, April 29, 2008

28 weeks


So0o0o 12 weeks to go! It's just CRAZY! I'm almost down to the single digits in my pregnancy!

This past week has been hard, but what 3rd trimester isn't? I hate it when mothers say that their pregnancy was the perfect ever! Especially if it's their first pregnancy and they have nothing to compare it to! I've been having sooo much pressure in my uterus, it's just driving me nuts!! I can't eat a lot, I have to eat 5 small meals now, instead of 3 regular ones, cause if I do, then I feel like I'm going to throw up and I am in constant pain for the rest of the day. I pee like, non stop!!!!! I think I'm either leaking amniotic fluid or this baby is just pushing the pee out of me because Saturday night I woke up to go pee and I felt wet, but it didn't smell like pee. I'm not sure. I've been SOO constipated too, and I hate it!! That's adding more pressure to my stomach on top of the unbileivable pressure I'm already feeling.
This baby kicks me NON STOP! All you moms out there are probably saying, I know how you feel, but....I don't think you do. He kicks me constantly....I NEVER get a break, only when I sleep, he's on my schedule, he's awake when I'm awake and asleep when I'm asleep, which I hope turns out to be a good thing, that's another added pressure on my uterus. This pregnancy has been a tough one, that's for sure, but I would not trade it for the world. I can't wait to meet Elijah.

Today I was supposed to have an appt with the docs, but they had to reschedule me for May 9th, but tomorrow I'm going to the office to get a perscription to get RhoGAM and then go to the Hospital I'm delivering at and have them give me the shot there, and they are going to do some more screening. So, I have a busy day tomorrow.

Anyway....that's all that's going on in my life right now, as far as pregnancy goes.
Until next week :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

27 weeks

Well, yesterday I hit my 27 week mark, and it was crazy!! I felt SOO much pressure and Elijah was moving like never before!! I thought he was moving into the head down position, but then this morning I felt some very strong kicks down there and I was going to the bathroom, no lie, every 10 min. I had a bunch of watermelon and I guess that went right through me....I was peeing like a dang race horse.

Today I feel MUCH better, not as much pressure, but I'm having a hard time breathing, not too bad, but it's not fun.

Anyway, my in-laws are coming this Friday and I'm so very happy to have them here! I love my in-laws! My husband's family is the greatest I have ever met...ever!! They are so loving and giving. And they are very strong in the church! I love that!

This week is also my ward's potluck...which I'm excited about :) I'm making home made cinnamon rolls :):) Yumm-o!

Until next week :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

26 weeks

So0o0o....only 14 weeks to go! Next week I will hit my 3rd trimester mark!!! That's just plain CRAZY!!!!!!! And....according to stuff that I have been reading, the baby will move to the head down position :):) I'm kinda looking forward to this baby not kicking me in the private area! But...I'll have to deal with him kicking me in the lungs and ribs....so I just can't win.

I ended up not having my appt. this past week because my OB doesn't come on certain days....so they put me down to go on the 29th of this month which will be my 28th week...which means....getting a shot in the butt!! I guess I can't go longer then 28 weeks to get RhoGAM.

This past week has been great. I feel wonderful, other then pressure.....but all you mothers know what I'm talking about. And I have been having gas like you would NEVER believe! It's gross knowing I have stinkier gas then my husband at this point!! Last night Matthew got the Febreeze out and did the whole room and bathroom......you know it's bad when your husband has to spary the house with air freshner!! hahaha I only have stinky gas when I have boys for some reason....they take after their father haha!!

I can no longer sleep on my stomach :(:( I'm a stomach sleeper, so when I now try to sleep on my stomach, Elijah kicks the living daylight out of me! I guess I squish him too much. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO active! These past few days has been non stop kicking....sometimes it's great, but other times I get kinda sore and annoyed with it all, especially at night when I try to sleep! I get up to go pee, and when I lay back down he thinks it's time to play, so he does his Tae Bo in my stomach. I just can't wait to have him here....but then I would be REALLY sleep deprived.
I've been naping everyday lately......still! And for like 2-3 hours!!!! It's totally rediculous! Then I sleep in until about 7:30. I hope I'm ready for Elijah to come...cause right now, I'm not! I would be so cranky if he came right now.

I'm so excited about buying stuff for Elijah. We have some stuff already from Gabriel....but Gabriel was born in Feb and Elijah will be born in July. Thankfully I have found clothes that will fit him though :) And we are saving up to buy him that beautiful stroller set :) I can't wait to buy it!!!! I can't wait to have a baby shower (well....I hope I have one).

I have about a month left until I drive 7 hours to my in-laws, and I'm not looking forawrd to the whole 3 weeks without my husband!! I am looking forawrd to the driving, the adventure, but not the loneliness!! Sure, I'll get help, but it's so totally NOT the same! I'll probably cry myself to sleep every night while I'm there! I'm pathetic, I know!

Well....We are starting to poyyt train Brooke now, while I still have a chance to. Gabriel is completely potty trained, so we are done with night time diapers, we just have to deal with reagualr diapers now with Brooke....I'm hopeing to have her potty trained and only in night time diapers by the time this baby is born...or a few months after. It took a week to potty train Gabriel....if I stick with that routine, I can do it with Brooke too :)

Until next week!

25 weeks

So things have been going well this past week, besides getting sick with who knows what! I’m finally over it, I just have a cough...and occasionally cough stuff up, but I feel SO much better!

I have an appt. this week and am looking forawrd to it :) I love knowing how the baby is doing and progressing each month.
In 3 weeks I have to get RhoGAM in the butt! I’m RH- (A-) so at 28 weeks I have to get a shot in the butt and if the baby comes out with a blood type of + I have to get it after birth....thankfully it doesn’t hurt, they always give the shot in the fatty part of the body. Both Gabriel and Brooke came out O+...so I had to deal with my kids being Jaundice....really bad, actually. When your Rh- and your kids come out + like the daddy, then they most always have jaundice, which sucks. Gabriel had it really bad, we had to stay 3 nights in the hospital just to bring his billirubin at a safe level and with Brooke we thankfully got to stay home and keep her under lights, she didn’t have it half as bad. Lets hope this baby is a - blood type or at least doesn’t have jaundice to badly! (crossing my fingers)

My cravings have been.....uhhhh....random! I really don’t know what I want, really. At the beginning I always wanted salty stuff, but lately, it’s been randdom stuff, like oranges and raisins....sometimes ice cream, sometimes strawberry shortcake, but my cravings have gone to the sweeter side of things rather then salty, which is good...I guess...haha!

Last night was a rough night for me! I have tendonitis, and I never know when it will flare up....but last night....boy did it hurt! I have it in my arm and I just couldn’t find a comfy position to lay in, so I went to bed at 11 and didn’t fall asleep til who knows when, then I woke up at 2:30 to pee then didn’t fall back asleep until about 3 or 4 then Gabriel woke up screaming because of his night terrors, then at 5 Matthew’s alarm went off because of PT....then I fell back asleep until 7....so it was just a random night for me. It still hurts so badly!!! I took some tylonol, so we will see how it helps!

This baby is still kicking like crazy! Hes literally punching me! I laugh when I see and feel it because it’s just so amazing how the woman’s body works! Sometimes I see my stomach jump and know he’s just going wild in my belly!

These past few days Brooke has been SO needy. All she says to me all day is "up" "hug" "up"....I enjoy it, to a point! She’s only 24 lbs, so she’s not really heavy, but still!! Matthew was gone all weekend, so I think that’s why she was needy....the kids always know when daddy is gone...and boy do they act out! The end of May (the 17th) Matthew is going to an OIC (Officer in Charge) training, and that will be 3 weeks long!!!!! I’m not looking forward to that! I think I will head up to his parents house in Missouri for that time so I can have some help....I don’t know anyone around here really, there’s no family here, so I think Missouri is a good bet.

Anyway, things have been going great besides the normal pragnancy pains...pressure, peeing every 10 min and my hormones!
Until next week :)

24 weeks

Well, it’s been 24 weeks thus far.

These past few days have been less then fun! I’ve had this cold/flu/congestion thing going on, where my head feels like it’s being squeezed and my ears are all clogged, and my teeth hurt because my sinuses are blocked :( o0o0o and I can’t talk...I really sound like a smoker.
Last night was just horrible! I went shopping when I guess I shouldn’t have, and it took a toll on my body. I was having contractions (or braxton-hicks) from after dinner until late in the night...and I know they were contractions because everytime my stomach tightened, Elijah would go bizerk! I remember when I was in labor with my other 2....they would do the same thing...go crazy everytime my uterus would contract! I didn’t call the doctor because I know it was because I overdid myself, and all the doctor would do is do a stress test...spend hours at the hospital...and then send me home telling me to not oever do myself....it’s happened before, I know it would happen again.

This baby likes being on my right side for some odd reason. Last week I had horrible pains shooting down my leg due to the fact that he likes it over there, and was pushing on my sciatic nerve....not fun!

I’ve been REALLY tired lately. Thankfully I have great kids who sleep in until 7:30-8:00 am, I don’t know what I would do if they woke up at 5 or 6 am, and on top of that, I take naps EVERY day! Matthew is good to me and takes care of the kids if they wake up from their nap to let me finish my nap :) I sleep WAYYYYYY more then Matthew does, he makes fun of me because I do...but I know he’s jealous that I sleep more then him though ;)

I’ve still been REALLY emotional lately. This past weekend, Matthew had FTX (Field Training Exercise) for ROTC and was gone Friday Saturday and came home Sunday morning, but Friday night I cried myself to sleep because I missed him so much!! It’s really pathetic. I’m the type that HATES being alone, I have to have someone around me all the time....sometimes I like my alone time, as long as someone is at calling distance. I guess you could say I’m dependant on Matthew....it sounds worse then it is...or maybe not. I don’t know what I would do if he got called to Iraq or something bad happened to him. All I know...is I’ve been over emotional, and I really shouldn’t have balled myself to sleep....I didn’t Saturday, but Friday was extra emotional!

Anyway....besides being sick, this pregnancy is going great. Elijah is a little gymnast constantly. I think he’s going to be a fiesty one...Brooke was like this in the womb and she is one fiesty girl! We shall see :)

23 weeks

Ok, 23 weeks so far, and I’m feeling the pressure...literally!
Elijah loves pushing on my uterus and thus resulting in bad pressure!! He also loves kicking me "down there" and making it feel like I could have this baby any minute now!

I think I have been having braxton hicks contractions...but I’m not sure! I sometimes feel some tightness in my tummy...but I can’t decide if it’s contractions or just Elijah playing games with me. Either way....they are not fun!
My boobs have finally stopped growing! I’m no longer in pain, but now I have to get a new bra...haha.

My cravings have shifted a little from the beginning of my pregnancy. I still have cravings for salty stuff, but my cravings for fruit has overshadowed the salty cravings. I am eating oranges and raisins til they come out of my ears!! I could substitute all my meals for oranges and raisins....though I don’t.

I’ve been doing a lot better with my "diet", like eating a ton of fruit, and cutting back on the salty stuff and I have been walking with my dog Ammon 30 min a day. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight, so we shall see what I’m up to in the next 2 weeks when I see the Doc again. I pray I don’t gain another 6 lbs that fast!!

My hormones have been out of control this week. I’ve been completely irrational!! Matthew told me yesterday that I could get some more clothes (because I NEED them...and yes, he is the one that deals with the money...so he tells me what I can buy, if not then we wouldn’t pay our bills)...well, I started crying because I wanted to get enough to last me for a while, but didn’t think I could get all that I wanted...it was just pathetic!! Thankfully, today we got paid money that needed to come a WHILE ago...so now I get to spend a lot more on clothes then what I excpected!
I cry when I punish my kids....like yesterday Brooke got into something she knew she wasn’t supposed to get into...so I told her to go to time out....she started crying...usually it doesn’t get me too much, but this time....I cried along with her! I was being just as emotional as her! Sometimes I really don’t like these hormones!
Anyway....things have been going great, other then just regualr pregnancy stuff....but I can deal with it, I did my last 2 pregnancies, and I can this one!

I hope you all had a great Easter :)

22 weeks

Well, another week has gone by and I’m just getting bigger. Elijah is a regular gymnist, and loves kicking me down there, it literally feels like he is going to pop out at any moment! I can’t wait until he is head down....but then he would just kick my ribs non stop, so I can’t win. I’ve gotten to the point where I want him out now...although I LOVE LOVE feeling him kick me, I just want him here with me now.

I’ve come to the realization that my breasts will NEVER stop growing!!! It seems like every few days my boobs get so sore and then once they stop hurting i notice they have gotten bigger. I can no longer fit into my size C cup...it’s frustrating, but I’m happy with it. With my other 2 kids I really never got this big and could never really feed them, only for a few months....either I couldn’t or i wouldn’t, but I know with this one I WILL nurse him.

Gabriel is starting to realize that I have a baby inside me, whenever I ask him where his baby is, he points to my belly and rubs it, he also trys to pull my shirt up and see if something is there...haha. Brooke doesn’t really understand, but she does put her hand on my stomach, probably because it’s so big.

I just can’t wait to hold this baby in my arms....I’m getting so so excited, but so so nervous. I have clothes that Gabriel wore when he was a new born and a baby, and it’s starting to become so real for me. o0o0o and the whole kicking thing has made it real also...haha.
All in all, things are going great, life couldn’t be better. It seems like everytime I get pregnant I am always in a stressful situation....this time, things did start out VERY stressful, but things are finally setteling down, we are financially stable, in our own home, and Matthew is finishing school to better our lives, so I’m very content. I just hope I don’t have really bad Post Partum Depression....that kills me, but we will see what happens, and if it does, I can always talk to the docs.

21 weeks

Ok...so 19 more weeks to go! I'm wicked excited, yet nervous at the same time.

Today I had my pap, and the Doc talked to me about my ultrasound....everything is grand, except that I gained 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks!!!!!! YIKES!!! I REALLY need to cut back on the salty stuff. I have been eating fresh fruits and veggies these past few weeks since the weather has been so beautiful out (I mean, I eat fresh fruits and veggies all the time, but more so lately). So....maybe more walks and longer walks when I take the dog for a walk.

Elijah is soooo active, especially at night right before I settle down to sleep. He also loves being on my right side. Today the doc checked the baby's heartbeat and couldn't find it on the left side so I told him to check on the right cause he loves being there...and there he was, as loud as could be.
Matthew loves feeling Elijah move...makes it more real for him.

Still having lower pains cause he's so low and kicks me down there...and I have to pee like every hour.
Other then that, things are going great. :) Couldn't be better!
Can't write too long cause I need to fix dinner, but wanted to get on real quick before I forgot :)

Until next week....have a great week :)

20 weeks

Well, I'm half way there :)

I can't believe this pregnancy has gone by so fast.
I'm feeing Elijah more and more and love it so much! Saturday, Matthew felt his son for the first time. Usually, when I feel the baby kick I put Matthew's hand on my stomach and the baby stops kicking, but with Elijah, it was the first time I put his hand on my stomach and he kicked...it made Matthew very happy.

I'm now starting to get pains of him pressing on different parts of the uterus, so I have to shake him or gently move him, then I feel a lot better. He's definitely awake at night. I get up to go to the bathroom, and when I get back in bed he thinks it's time to play....so it takes me a while to get back to sleep. I'm not sure how I'm going to like him out of the womb with this schedule, haha!!

I'm still craving salty, sour, hot, bitter stuff. I made hot wings a few nights ago for some friend who was supposed to come over, it never happend, so I ate them all by myself (I paced myself, and saved some for a later meal, dont worry). I'm actually craving hot wings right now as I'm writing this.....mmmmmm.

Anyway, things are going great! I feel really connected to this baby. Not that I didn't feel connected with my other 2, but I feel even more connected, and I just can't wait to deliver this baby :)
I went to Wal-Mart the day we found out we were having a boy and got him this adorable outfit. Boys are so much harder to find clothes for then girls, you have to be more creative with boys.
Anyway....until next week. :)

We found out what we are having....

A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so weird, cause I totally thought I was having a girl. So, all my kids I thought were girls...so I can't guess anymore! haha
He is totally ALLL boy! He was showing his manly part off and was proud of it :) lol

We are wicked excited about having another boy. Matthew is very happy!
His name will be Elijah David. We loved the name Elijah, and David is Matthew's dad's name and Matthew's middle name, so we thought it would be nice to do another David.

We can't wait to meet our little son come this July.

19 weeks along

Ok, so I've decided to blog all about my pregnancy with Elijah. I never did with my other 2, so I think it's about time to start!

This is an older blog from my Myspace account....I've just copied and pasted here:

So today I am 19 weeks preggers :)

I went to the docs today and it went very well. I really like the doctor that I have, he's very nice. I can't stand doctors that don't care, your just a number to them. I told him the fears that I have, and he completely understood. I'm so totally afraid of getting a c-section for some odd reason, maybe the whole needle IN your spine and then the recovery afterwards is a pain...literally! I want a natural birth, if possible, my last epidural was not a good experience. I'm also afraid that they will induce me, which will lead to a c-section...but he said if I'm 42 weeks or there are complications that I need to be induced, then I will get induced, but my last 2 pregnancies were normal natural deliveries, so no need to worry.
The doctors also told me that I look too young to have 2 kids and one on the way already.....that made me feel really good! They didn't believe me when I told them I was 5 months....THAT made me feel good! I guess they are used to telling pregnant women that? lol either way...it made my day!

I'm right where I'm supposed to be....I am very in tune with my pregnancy! i heard the baby's heartbeat and I measured 19 cm...so I'm good to go :)
The doctor will call me tomorrow and let me know when I can get an ultrasound. I hope it happens this week or next....I'm wicked excited!! When I find out, I'm getting an outfit for my baby :) always a tradition....I always go and get an outfit right after finding out what I'm having! :)

Everything else is going great. My kids are really good, they have been sick lately, and have wanted my attention 24/7 but that is now subsiding and things are back to normal. Now, Matthew is sick...and when he gets sick, he's like a baby and wants to be pampered, so I love on him and make sure to give him lots of hugs and kisses on the forehead, and he's fine.

Everything is going wonderfully, though. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Monday, April 21, 2008

18 weeks

Ok, so we are finally settled in our new home....whew! We feel a LOT better here then at that other house. The landlord is so much nicer. He's spanish, so Matthew and him can talk Spanish...I just love hearing Matthew speak it for some reason.

Well, I'm 5 months preggers :) and I'm getting bigger, that's for sure! I am feeling the baby move more and more each day and love it so much! She usually moves a lot when I go to bed and when I get up to go potty and then settle back in bed. I'm still sleeping on my stomach...she kicks a lot then too when I'm on my stomach. I'm a total stomach sleeper and hate when I have to adjust to sleeping on my side.

It always happens that during my 2nd trimester something goes wrong with my pregnancy. I never get morning sickness (thankfully) and I think my body makes up for it during my 2nd trimester. With Gabriel, I was always sick, like the cold, couldn't breath during the night and with Brooke I got a bad rash. This one, I also have a bad rash! I first thought it was because I was coming into a dryer location, but a few nights ago my right hand had a rash like I've never seen before, it was horrible! No matter how much lotion I put on, it didn't go away. Thankfully it went away the next morning, but it's just really annoying! It will go away during my 3rd trimester. It's always a routine during my pregnancy.

I'm still craving salty stuff, like A1 Sauce and hot wings. We are having someone come over this week and we are making hot wings...I always make them when someone comes over for dinner. I'm really craving junk food....and hate it more then anything! I really have to control myself!
I'm still having growing pains...and i sometimes feel a lot of pressure when she adjusts...I'm just not used to it yet. Who knows how big this kid will be. Gabriel was 6 lbs 8 oz and Brooke was 8 lbs and 7 oz, quite a big jump. I'm hoping this one will be a safe 7 lbs or so. I don't feel like pushing out a 10 pounder...outch! I'm debating in my mind if I should go alllll natural. With Brooke I got an epidural but it didn't do anything, it took my contractions away for a while, but when it was time to push...BOY, it felt like I was being riped from head to toe, that's how much it hurt! Then after when they transfered me to my room, I was as white as a ghost (litteraly) and I almost collapsed trying to get out of the wheelchair, my right leg was completely numb! So, I'm thinking about all natural, no pain meds this time.....we shall see!

Anyway, until next week :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

17 weeks

Well, I am 17 weeks as of yesterday. I'm so excited about getting bigger (well, the baby getting bigger rather then me as a whole getting bigger). I'm feeling the baby more and more everyday. Some days I don't notice any movement, and somedays I notice a lot! I'm calling this baby Alyssa, because I have a gut feeling I'm having another girl. I also thought that about Gabriel, but...we shall find out.

Things here have been crazy! We are moving to another house to get out of this situation. The lady that owns this house is one corrupt person! She called us telling us that we needed to pay for everything that is damaged, stuff that we didn't damage, so we basically told her no, then a few days later she kept sending us rude voice mail messages, Matthew sent her a text and told her to stop sending rude messages and that we are moving tomorrow, we will leave the keys to the house on the kitchen counter. Then he changed our cell numbers....lol so she cant contact us at all. She was being way to controlling, and there's one person in this world who won't be controled, is Matthew, so he's making it so the ball is in our court.
Our new landlord is a lot better! He actually knows Matthew's dad, they served in the Army here in Lawton together, so we feel a lot safer with this guy.

Well, I have a Dr's appt the 26th of this month, then from there I'll make an appt to get an ultrasound :) I'm just so excited about seeing this baby! Then again, I'm so scared because I know exactly what's going to happen July 22nd (give or take a few days). I'm feeling like I'm stuck, there's no way out....I'm not looking forward to long hours of labor or pushing, and I DO NOT want a c-section! Those fears are consuming me a lot lately, but I know in the long run I'll be wicked happy cause I'll have my new baby to hold and kiss :)

Well, until next week :)