Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Father, Daughter bond!

It's moments like these that I just love!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Best 6 Years!

(Messy cake kiss!)

I can't believe it's been 6 years already! It seems like we have been married for a year and some days it seems like we have been married forever!

Matt is my everything! He's an amazing father, husband and best of all, Eternal Companion!

I trust him completely! Matt has shown me at how trustworthy he is, from the very very start!

It seems like we have known each other far beyond this life, when we were talking on the phone it was like we are remembering what we knew before we came here on earth.

I love everything about him. His smell, the sound of his voice, and all his idiosyncrasies.

I'm so glad I said "yes!" to his proposal! We complete each other.

I love you Matthew!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have always been thankful for my family, but more so lately!

Matt works at a Mental Health Facility working with abused children from the ages of 3-18. He told me of this one kid (who he never dealt with) who was abused pretty badly, he was tied to the toilet from the age of around 12 months until he was taken in by the state. His parents (or caregiver) would throw his food in the toilet and his only source of water was the toilet water. Needless to say, he never had interaction so when he was 6 he still wasn't talking and was always on all fours begging and barking like a dog.

It's stories like these that make me go to my kids and hug and kiss them over and over again, thankful they are my children! I am thankful that Heavenly Father gave them to me.

I think of situations like the one I gave above of abuse and think about what Heavenly Father thinks of it all! I get all balled up inside and want to literally kill these sickos who abuse children like that. But I know God is perfect! He has everything planned out.

Have you kissed your kids lately just because your thankful for them? It does wonders to their soul! :o)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Life's a Journey.

You never know where life is going to take you.

Matt has been in the Guard for about 10 years. He went Active Duty for a little over a year in 2007 where he was the Chaplain's Assistant. He loved every second of it. The Chaplain who he worked for loved his job and served his soldiers with loyalty. He looked forward to being deployed just for the sheer fact of helping his soldiers out and being part of the action.
As the Chaplain's Assistant, Matt had several opportunities to sit in on counseling sessions, mostly with women, but a lot with married couples and other soldiers. He loved how the Chaplain helped these wounded souls, who saw death overseas, and a lot whose marriages were falling apart due to the fact of being deployed.

Matt is a calm guy, yet he's a very, very good leader! He's walked into many Commander's Office and talked to them bluntly with no fear. He received a medal (I wish I knew the name) for doing such a good job helping the Chaplain. Matt excels at everything he does. He loves helping people out with their problems and always has a solution! I wish I had that ability.
He wants to be a Chaplain for the sheer fact that he will help our soldiers who need someone to talk to when they can't talk to their superior.

A few months ago, he was helping a friend try to find out what to do in life. He gave him the advise of joining the Army and going the Chaplain route due to the fact that this said friend loves Counseling. Needless to say, that never worked out for that said friend for many different reasons, but it gave Matt a fire for Chaplaincy that he hasn't felt since 2007. He prayed and prayed about it and felt a big urge to pursue it! I felt the same. We have been in the process of pursuing the Chaplaincy route.

We have already met with the Bishop and we next have to meet with the Stake Pres. and then a General Authority (or Area Authority). Matt will start school this fall for Marriage and Family Counseling. He will then work his way up to be a Captain in the Army through the Guard.

A lot of people have said to me "I could never be an Army wife, kudos to you!" or "Why would you go back to Army life?"
I honestly LOVE Army life! I LOVE the stability of getting a paycheck every 1st and 15th of the month. No more financial struggle!! Free Health care, dental. Oh, and the fact that if Matt does this for 20-30 years, we will get an amazing retirement, which means we can go on a mission on a whim!
Yeah, Deployment stinks! I won't see my husband for a year, I know this! To me, it's a sacrifice. I'm giving my husband to serve this wonderful country! And to be honest, one year is nothing compared to Eternity, which I get to spend with him.

I can't wait for this experience. I can't wait to go different places, and hopefully overseas :o) I can't wait for the formal balls (I'm such a girly girl, this is right up my alley). I can't wait to serve our country, and our soldiers.