Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, it's official! Matt got accepted into Arizona State University!

We were planning on going to Arizona no matter what, but this news topped the cake :o) We are so excited to get out there and see some old friends and meet some new friends!! Woo Hoo for ASU!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fair

So today we got all ready for church and we were out the door heading to church when Matthew, my wonderful husband forgot that today he had to go to this thing where his piano students were showing off their talents. Well, we got there and found out it was a FAIR! So here we are arriving to this fair with Sunday dress, and there is a place to pet farm animals and a moon bounce and tons of more fun stuff!! All the food was free which was great cause we were starving! We even got a picture done old style of our whole family!! We have never had pictures taken of our family before. Granted it took an hour to wait in line, we still did it!
My face looks like it's different colors because Brooke at the very last min. of waiting in line decided she had to pee...and I mean PEE! The porta-potty's were ALLLL the way across the field to where we were, so my face was RED!! And photo's put 100 lbs. on you or what? I look at myself in the mirror and put my makeup on and see this pretty woman and then I get my picture taken and I see a COW!!!!!!! I really need to put this working out routine into full gear!
We had fun today, that's for sure.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some new Pictures.

I just can't believe how big my kids have gotten. Tristan will be a year come July 13th (2 days before my birthday).
We are moving to Arizona, it's official :o) Matt will be going to ASU to pursue his Masters in Music. We will be living in either Mesa, South Tempe or Gilbert. I can't wait to take on this big adventure. It will be the best adventure thus far. Why? Because Matthew will be pursuing his Masters!! He's come a long way and I'm so happy for him. It's a big deal to get his Bachelors let alone his Masters, then from his Masters he will be getting his Doctorate :o) So we will be in Arizona for about 7 years. So, to all my family who are tired of me moving....this will be it for a long time to come.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Updates are in order...

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post :o( I sold my camera on e-bay :o( But it was a camera I didn't want anymore, so it's all good. I will though get another camera. Any suggestions? All are welcome! (except Nikon's...I can't afford those) haha.

So I little update on how we are all doing :o)

Matt: He is a month away from Graduating College!!!! I'm SO happy for him. He told me that he may just cry when he graduates. It's been such a long long long road! It will be a relief once he graduates! Then we will see from there if he will teach High School. He then wants to go to get his Masters in Arizona! So we might move to AZ. At first I thought..NO!!!!!!! Then after a while, it became a great idea! He holds the Priesthood in this home and he said he felt the spirit when he prays about the I trust him AND the Lord.

Me: I'm on this baking cake kick. I am decorating a cake today for Jesus' Birthday. I've already made the cake and now I just have to decorate it. I think it will turn out great. I majored in Art for 2 years and it's so much fun to go back to my artsy side. I hope this is a hit! Matt's business bought all the supplies and I hope I make him proud! (Wish me luck)

Gabriel: He's progressing SO much! He's just recently learned how to tell time!!! Granted, it's not a clock with hands. It's a digital clock. Yesterday he came up to me and said "Mommy, it's 8:13" and sure enough it was 8:13. He told us the time for about 2 hours...then we had enough and told him that Conference was on and we needed to listen to the Prophets words...he stopped :o) He's talking SO much lately! We can't shut him up. I once thought he would never talk! Then I talked to my brother about it and he said his youngest had the same problem, then one day he just talked and talked and then he just wouldn't stop! I'm happy that Gabriel doesn't stop talking. He's so social and tells everyone he meets what his life is like, although I don't think strangers enjoy that very much! haha

Brooke: She just amazes us with how much she talks already and she's only 2 1/2. I'd say she's up there with Gabriel in talking. She's such a big helper! When Matt comes home from school and takes his shoes off she takes his shoes and puts them straight in the hall closet! She gives me diapers when she knows I'm about to change Tristan's bum. She's my little singer!!! She sings anything. Yesterday she was sitting on the potty and she was done and sang "I need to get my butt wiped...I went poo poo and pee pee..." She just cracks us up! She's a crazy girl and I wouldn't have it any other way :o)

Tristan: He's crawling like a mad man! I thought he would NEVER crawl! We were teaching and showing him how to crawl and all he did was just scoot on his back if he wanted to get somewhere. Then one day, he started crawling!! I was in awe! My other 2 kids didn't get it that fast. He's now to the point where he wants to stand on his own, he grunts and throws a fit when he can't stand! He's one determined little boy! It's so funny because I remember when I was in my last trimester with him and whenever Matthew would put his hand on my belly Tristan would kick it off!! I don't know how the connects one with another, but it's just funny that he's one feisty and determined little man! He has one tooth and another one coming in next to it on the bottom :o) He's growing up too fast, it feels like yesterday I gave birth to him :o( They all grow so fast!

Well, that's an update on life. I'll definitely update this when we know 100% if we will move to AZ. I'm excited to know because I'm tired of this Oklahoma weather, it's so up and down! AZ is HOT...but it's consistently hot!!