Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I saw Twilight in Theaters last night.

Let's start off by saying I'm a BIG fan of the books!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I understand that books made into movies don't expose the whole shabang! I thought it was a great movie (probably because I love the book so much) I just wish they would have picked a better Bella. She wasn't the best actress (in my opinion)..she got the whole tom-boyish thing down. If you have seen her off screen, she has a habit of touching her face all the time...and she did it a lot in the movies. I don't just kinda bugged me. I thought Edward was a hottie-tottie. They did the rest of the casting very well! I think my favorite character of the book besides Bella Edward and Jacob is Alice. They casted her perfectly!
I took Gabriel with me because Matthew couldn't come with me (no baby sitter) and I hate seeing a movie alone. He fell asleep half way through the movie and woke up right when it ended.
I can't wait til it comes out in stores so I can BUY it :) AND I can't wait til they make the next movie. Which I'm pretty sure they will...the first movie was a BIG hit!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So lately I have been interested in my heritage. My Grandmother on my dad's side is 100% Lithuanian (used to be part of Russia...but then split into their own little country). Well....I have ALWAYS hated my big bones and being tall and my high cheek bones. So I looked up online to see what Russian women look like....and there I was!! I never knew how much I looked like a Russian! I thought Russians were these tiny women, but only a small percentage of women are tiny! A majority of Russian have big bones, high cheek bones and THICK lips! So needless to say, I have more respect for myself and the way I look. I have even started to learn Russian...( I know, it's HARD) It is a hard language to learn, but I need to start somewhere! I so wish my grandma knew Russian and then taught it to me so I could be fluent in it!!!

I just thought it was really neat how much I look like a Russian! I love my Heritage!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My son...

You would think that we beat him. These pictures look like it, don't they? WRONG! He went outside to play and came back with little red marks on the corner of BOTH his eyes and when he woke up this morning they were SWOLLEN!! like you would never believe! Then I saw that he has 2 more mosquito bites on his cheek! So...he's a mosquito attractor like a bug zapper without the ZAP! He goes outside and attracks ALLL the mosquito's. One time he had bites all over his legs AND his arms! It's insane. What's even more insane is that both him AND Brooke have the same blood type but the bugs don't touch her! Strange...
Poor kid! I feel so bad for him...I would put some itch cream on it, but I'm afraid he would rub it into his eyes and that's something that I don't want!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Made tutu's/New President... it's been a while since I have updated this! So I think it's about time to do so!

Halloween came and went! Brooke was a princess (we used her pink dress, I got her a crown and I made her a sash from pink ribbon, and I even put makeup on her...which she LOVED) Gabriel was an elephant. He was an elephant last year also, but he loved being an elephant, so we didn't complain! Tristan...well...he was just the cutest baby who ever lived :) We had Halloween at our church...and they got PLENTY of candy there! So when it came time to go trick-or-treating on the 31st, the kids just stayed at home with me and passed out candy. I liked it better that way.

I decided to make Brooke a tutu. I've been wanting to get a tutu for her for a while now, but I saw someone's pictures of tutu's they made for their daughter and it looked pretty simple. I went on and found out how to make tutu's the easy way!! MAN was it easy...but MAN was it time consuming. I guess it was time consuming because I was making the tut while feeding Tristan, while taking care of 2 other kids...who knows! I'm pretty good at crafty stuff.

Well...we made History Tuesday when we elected our new Pres. of the USA. President Obama will now be our next Pres. I really don't know what to make of it! I'm very happy for him and for the black community. I just hope they think they are superior. I'm scared because of Obama's policies! I don't like one does unless your sick! But I do support our troops 100% and I support the reason we went into Iraq! The thought of showing defeat when we still need to help the Iraqi troops is scary! Al Quieda(sp) is probably thowing a party right now. I also hate that because Obama will be our next pres. the gays will have more rights and that abortions and clinics will have more support! I don't support gays, nor do I support abortions!! They are of the devil and I want nothing to do with it!!!
Matthew refuses to listen to the news because of how dissapointed he is in the choice we made! I mean...come on...this man doesn't even salute our flag!!!! That's just unpatriotic! Not to mention his wife! UGH!
I'm happy for them...although I had nothing to do with electing them! I hope ad pray they don't mess our country up!!