Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elise's Blessing.

Elise got blessed this past Sunday. It was a very spiritual moment. I loved it! Babies are just so innocent and so close to the Lord, it's amazing (yet a little creepy) to see them look at random spots in the house and know they are looking at someone close to them either dead or not yet born.

Elise is growing so fast, and developing far beyond her age.
  • She was smiling at a month old
  • She laughed at a month old
  • She has been trying her hardest since she was 2 months old to roll over on her back
  • She said "mama" since 2 months (only when she is really hungry)
  • She started playing...really playing with her toys at 1 month old
  • She can talk your ear off, and with those facial expressions, it really seems like she's telling you all about her day
  • She already plays with her hands and feet
Having a baby in the house makes everyone's day brighter. There's just something about having a sweet spirit so fresh from heaven in your home. I love every moment of it :o)