Saturday, March 27, 2010

6 years ago today!

It was March 27, 2004. I was on an LDS Dating site, and really thought if I was ever going to meet "the one" on this dumb site!
I was 20, about to turn 21, so I went ahead and started the process of preparing to go on a mission! I really felt kind of weird about doing the whole process, but never knew why, like I had something bigger coming my way.

Saturday the 27th I checked my mail on this dating site to see if there were any guys "interested" in me. I found this one guy who "winked" at me, and thought he was pretty darn hot, so I "winked" right back at him! It was then I started to read his profile and found he was into a lot of the same things I was into. He was a very passionate guy!

He then saw that I was online and sent me an IM. We chatted for a while until we thought it would be ok to call each other. He called me about 2 min after that, and that's when both of us knew this wasn't just any call to any random person, this was a call to our Eternal Companions! (corny...yeah, maybe)

We talked about everything we could think of that day, until I had to go to work. I thought about him the whole time while at work, it was embarrassing! I was blushing the whole time! Oh, young love!

I went to church the next day and my girls that I taught could tell there was something different about me. I was smiling all the time. I was just happier in general. We called each other that day and figured out this was totally meant to be. The Lord had something to do with this, no doubt!

Matt told me that he too was on this one site a while before our talking and had some bad encounters with girls who pretended to be good members of the church. He canceled his account, and vowed to never do on line dating again!
He was running one night and had this amazing prompting to go back on line, on this exact site that he vowed to never go on again. Matt was a bit weary, but signed up again and that very night saw my profile on there.
A few weeks before this ever happened, his father gave him a father's blessing and in that blessing he was promised that he would soon be with his wife. Matt was taken a back a bit because he wasn't dating anyone at the time!
Those are some of the reasons why I know the Lord had a lot to do with our getting together again here on earth!

We talked on the phone every chance we got until we finally met in person in April. That first encounter was like nothing else. We knew each other before we came to this earth. When we "met" for the first time, it was reuniting again! I felt like I had known him my whole life, and even more.

He proposed to me at the Boston Temple, then a few weeks later we drove out to Missouri to meet his family. I could write a whole different blog about his family, they are amazing!

Today, I couldn't be happier with my decision on my Eternal Companion! He's absolutely my best friend! He's an amazing father and husband. I look forward to what life has in store for us, but most importantly, I can't wait to spend the Eternities with him.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sticker obsessed!

Brooke loves Tinkerbell and stickers. Can you tell? She's such a girl! How I love her!