Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt!

What can I say about this man that you already don't know? I love him more then words can say.

Here are some things I love about him!
  • He's fluent in Spanish. He served his mission in El Salvador.
  • He's the third child out of 7 children in his family.
  • He's amazing at the piano.
  • He doesn't just study things, he masters them.
  • When we were first talking to each other he called me Melanie (once)! I still tease him about it to this day! ha
  • He may not be the most observant person, but he focuses where needs be.
  • He got a 3.9 (so close to a 4.0) this last semester, even though he has a wife, kids and a job! I could NEVER do that.
  • He's getting his Masters in Marriage and Family counseling.
  • His goal is to be a Chaplain in the Army :o)
  • He says he reminds him of Mr. Darcy, so intense, so giving, yet so misunderstood.
  • He could eat pizza everyday for the rest of his life and be happy!
  • He sings opera!
  • His favorite singer is Jose Carreras (one of the three tenors).
  • He's a history buff! He knows too much.
  • He's a great dad!
  • He's such a romantic guy!
  • He's a self motivator. He actually motivates me, I need more help in that area.
  • He can think up of games for the kids at the drop of the hat, and they love it, No matter how crazy it is!
  • He has piercing steel blue eyes!
  • He holds conversations in his sleep!
  • He loves spicy food. He once ate 6 or 7 hot hot peppers in El Salvador and beat his companion, who was from I think Guatemala. He likes to brag about that one...
  • He's the creative one, I'm the artistic one.
  • We are often on the same wavelength. We sometimes finish each others sentences!
  • He's a walking GPS! I know I will NEVER get lost with him around!
  • He will do whatever it takes to take care of this family! That's a rare quality these days.
  • He's one sexy hot tamale
Happy Birthday Matt! Although we can't be with you to spoil you and take care of you today, I hope you have a great day :o) We love you more then words can say <3

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